Takeaways From a Big PC Upgrade

Posted June 5, 2017

This month I made the biggest upgrade to my PC that I’ve ever made. I installed a new CPU, motherboard, PSU, RAM and video card, essentially transforming my rig into a whole new machine. My old CPU, PSU and motherboard were original to the build, making them almost five years old at this point. After experiencing a lot of difficulty and bottlenecking in some newer games, I decided it was time to upgrade.

Even more important than the upgrade was the fact that I switched fully from AMD CPU and GPU to Intel and NVIDIA. I was skeptical of being able to make this switch without issues, but I went for it anyway.

I’ll sum up the experience in a few bullet points:

  • Yes, plug-and-play is possible with a new/different CPU/mobo. As in the computer will start up at least, but it might run like crap.
  • A registry cleaner such as CCleaner is a must after an architecture switch
  • If switching GPU brands, use a program such as DDU to completely wipe your display drivers. Follow that up with a registry clean as well.
  • It might be a huge pain to uninstall all your old mobo software.
  • It might take a few tries of installing drivers to really get your new GPU working well.
  • Installing a new mobo will make Windows think your OS license isn’t valid. Thankfully with Windows 10 you don’t need a key, but it will bug you about it and put a watermark on your screen. You’ll want to either have your key on hand or get a new one.

Most of these issues can be avoided with a reformat of your hard drive. Should I do this? Probably. Will I? Meh, right now my rig is running great, so I don’t feel a huge need at the moment. Possibly when I have a long weekend to really take my time with it.

My new specs :)
Intel i7-7700k

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