An Update On My Personal Finance Part 2

Posted August 10, 2017

Here’s personal finance update #2. This time around I’ve been a bit more active on Robinhood by picking up some solid big name stocks, as well as some dividend growth ETFs. I’ve also added a new category, Coinbase, where I’m going to be slowly accumulating Bitcoin and Ethereum. My 401(k) took a nice jump due to employer matching date coming around. My savings is a bit low since, I’m focusing on paying off my credit card. Summer in Chicago can be real expensive :P

Bucket Type Contents Value
Chase checking Cash Bill-paying fund $498 (-2$)
Chase savings Cash Emergency fund $500 (-$1,000)
Simple checking Cash Frivolous spending fund $100
401(k) Investment Long term bond & index funds $3,836 (+$1,205)
Robinhood Investment Individual equities $990 ($+515)
Betterment Investment 87% stocks, 13% bonds $5,426 (+$544)
Vanguard Investment ETFs and Index funds $3,748 (+$566)
Coinbase Investment Cryptos $234 (+$234)
Total Cash Total Investments Grand Total Difference
$1,098 $14,260 $15,538 $2,088

Thats the update! I’m really excited to add cryptocurrencies to the mix. Bitcoin and Ethereum are all the rage right now, so I jumped on the bandwagon.

Thanks for reading :)

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