An Update On My Personal Finance Part 1

Posted July 10, 2017

At the end of last year, I made a post here about a new plan for saving my money. I was going to get agressive with my investments and with my diversification. Now, six months later, I’m happy to say I’ve saved over $10k and have allocated over 90% of my liquidity to my investments. I feel as though I have compiled a nice mix of asset classes, to hopefully give myself a portfolio with nice growth. I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I have done a lot of research and have made low-risk decisions on what I want to do. My next step is to find someone I know to help me get an idea of how I’m doing, just to make sure I’m not headed straight for disaster.

Here is a snapshot of what I have going on. I’ll give some details afterwards.

Bucket Type Contents Value
Chase checking Cash Bill-paying fund $500
Chase savings Cash Emergency fund $1,500
Simple checking Cash Frivolous spending fund $100
401(k) Investment Long term bond & index funds $2,631
Robinhood Investment Individual equities $475
Betterment Investment 87% stocks, 13% bonds $4,882
Vanguard Investment ETFs and Index funds $3,182
Total Cash Total Investments Grand Total
$2,100 $11,170 $13,270

It’s small, but it’s a start! My 401(k) contribution is 4% of my paycheck, and I try to contribute between $300 - $700 per paycheck between Betterment and Vanguard. My focus in Vanguard has been mostly on VYM and VYMI, the two high dividend yeild ETF offerings. I’m planning on picking up some shares of one of the Vanguard bond ETFs as well.

I’ve given up on trying to make a quick buck from Robinhood. Trying to focus on the markets throughout the day while at work is just impossible, so now I’m working on picking up shares of the tech giants over time: Apple, Google, Amazon and Tesla amongst others. I initially capped my savings at $5k, but quickly realized that money would be better off working for me, so I keep it much lower now. I also keep a detailed spreadsheet keeping track of my progress.

I’m going to try to give updates every month or so. Reach out if you have any questions or want to talk investments!

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