who I am

I'm Coleman, born and raised in chilly Minneapolis and now a resident of Chicago. I'm a full-stack engineer who's interested in all parts of the internet. I've worked in a number of different environments throughout my career, from small development shops to a prop trading firm. I take pride in my high standards of work and creating quality code that lasts.

what I'm working on

Lately I've been interested in Docker-izing my projects at work, and hopefully intregrating some existing infrastructure into Rancher. I've also been experimenting with and learning Golang.

what I'm interested in

This is my second summer with a garden, so I'm enjoying growing and eating my own veggies. I also love to climb and try to get out of the climbing gym and onto the rocks as much as possible. In addition to that, I've been experimenting with cooking lots of asian flavors and exploring other tastes.